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Root canal treatments - FAQs

By Dr. Shayban Mubeen

Specialist Endodontist

What is root canal treatment?

Inside the roots of your teeth are a very narrow "tube" of approximately less than a millimetre in diameter which we call the "root canals". This "tube" is occupied by the nerve and blood supply of the tooth. When this tissue becomes necrotic, this space effectively becomes occupied by bacteria that travel down to the tip of the root in the root canal. The body responds to this infection (inside the root canal) with an abscess outside of the root. Root canal treatment, in its most simplest description, involves cleaning the root canals where the bacteria are and subsequently filling the canals to seal it off. Root canals vary in size, shape and curvature. These factors contribute to the varying complexities of this treatment procedure that may mean you have to be referred to a specialist.

Wil root canal treatment hurt.

We provide a local anaesthetic prior to ensure the procedure is a comfortable one.

Do i need to be put to sleep for this procedure?

No. The procedure is undertaken under local anaesthetic.

My dentist told me my tooth has cracked, what does this mean and can you repair it?

I had my root canal treatment yesterday and my tooth hurts, what should I do?

Post-operative discomfort can be normal and can be managed with regular analgesics. You may need to speak/see your dentist for further advice should this occur. In some cases, post treatment infection can occur, which will be identified as swelling, pain or a combination of both. If this occurs, please contact us directly for further management.

Can My tooth be saved?

Root canal treatment presents the last hope for saving teeth. However, there are multiple factors to be considered when assessing whether a tooth is savable that may not be related to the root canal treatment. This may be concluded at the time of the consultation or during the treatment procedure.

Will i need a crown?

The majority of teeth undergone root canal treatment will need a crown to protect the tooth and reduce the risk of fracture & tooth loss. Evidence based shows, providing a coverage of the tooth improves the longevity following root canal treatment.

I have already had a root canal but my dentist told me i need another one on the same tooth, why?

The initial root canal treatment may be showing signs of a re-infection. Root canal re-treatment may be indicated for such cases.

Can i drive after?

Yes, as the treatment is undertaken under local anaesthetic.


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