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Facial Aesthetics at a dentist in Middlesex

You may not think it, but your dentist is not only a brilliant place to take care of your teeth but also your visage as well. At the Centre of Dental Excellence, we can take care of early to late signs of ageing with our thorough understanding of human facial anatomy as well as a few skin issues you may be struggling with. As a dentist in Middlesex we know that taking care of your smile is not all you are interested in. What’s the point of perfect teeth if you’re not feeling your most confident self because of acne, scars and.or wrinkles, we know there is more to confidence than a pretty smile which is why we offer the whole package for your face.

Facial aesthetic treatments

Whether you want to take care of a few wrinkles, enhance your facial contours or treat your skin to a new smooth glowing surface, we have a treatment that can give you the look that matches your smile at our dentist in Middlesex.

Fillers - fast becoming one of the most popular beauty treatments in the western world, dermal fillers are filling the gaps where genetics may have let you down. This treatment is a safe injectable substance that adds volume to the soft tissue in your face in order to plump up certain areas to give you an aesthetic you are most satisfied with. We can enhance your cheekbones for a fuller, more youthful look and contour your jaw and chin for a more angular and defined appearance. Fillers are most popularly used in the lips to plump them up and reshape them for a full and luscious appearance. The treatment itself takes about 30 minutes and can last 6-9 months before needing a top-up and, if you are unsatisfied with your new look, they can be easily dissolved, making the risks quite low.

Botulinum Toxin (Botox), made famous by celebrities the world over can temporarily turn back the hands of time when it comes to ageing. This is an injectable substance that when carefully administered by a professional like our dentist in Middlesex will numb the nerves that send signals to the tiny facial muscles that are in charge of causing facial expressions. Once this area is numbed, the lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions will fade in just 4/7 days and the effects will last about 6 months. You will be able to smooth out your forehead, soften the lines around your eyes and mouth or even smooth out that worry crease between your eyes.

Micro-needling - this is a relatively new procedure that is having phenomenal results with a range of skin issues from scarring to wrinkles. This collagen induction therapy uses very fine needles on a roller to pierce the skin and encourage your own natural collagen to take effect. While there are home derma-rollers available for you to use regularly, the ones we use at the dentist in Middlesex are longer and of a medical-grade, we employ a topical numbing cream before rolling the needles into your skin so that we can get deeper into the layers you would manage at home and best results are seen over 4 treatments set about 6 weeks apart.

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