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About the Practice


We are a state of the art dental practice that is committed to providing excellence in the fields of Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics.

Why Choose Us

10 ways that our specialist dental centre uniquely caters to your needs:

1. Patient-Centered Treatment

Enjoy personalised detail and attention throughout your treatment.

2. Our Clinicians

Renowned dental specialists and consultants under one roof.

3. Our Team

Caring from our experienced, friendly and professional team.

4. State of the Art Technology

Including Microscopes, photography and digital dentistry.

5. Evidence Based Clinical Practice

​Utilising the most up to date findings from dental literature.

6. Functional and Aesthetic Results

Focusing on your dental health.

7. Recommendations

Word of mouth recommendations and patient satisfaction with testimonials on our website, Google and Facebook reviews.

8. Referrals

Over 400 dentists refer to us with confidence.

9.  Highest Standards Of Clinical Practice

Fully compliant with all UK regulations.

10. Education and Support

Monthly study clubs for dentists, hygienists, therapists and lab technicians.

We have a passion for excellence and our greatest reward is to provide our patients with the self-confidence and comfort perfect teeth and healthy skin can bring.

We offer a range of services within dentistry and facial aesthetics and our treatments are carried out by experienced practitioners within their fields, including specialists and consultants, to ensure we provide you with the highest level of care.

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