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Can I fix my teeth at a dentist in Middlesex?

The sudden breaking or loss of teeth is often unexpected and whether you’ve tried to open something with your teeth and it resulted in a chipped tooth, or you’re missing teeth due to some other accident or just old age, you may be looking for a good solution to get them fixed. Here at the Centre of Dental Excellence, your local dentist in Middlesex, we offer several solutions that can address your individual dental needs no matter what’s happened.

What if I broke a tooth?

While we hope that the story behind your broken tooth is a funny one, we know that the result is the opposite of funny and that you probably don’t want to walk around with a chipped tooth that completely ruins your smile. It may result in a loss in confidence and lower your self-esteem so to avoid all psychological damage, your dentist in Middlesex has a few good solutions to fix your broken smile

Porcelain veneers can make it like nothing ever happened, making a chipped tooth look brand new. These are custom-made porcelain ‘shells’ that fit over the front surface and edges of a tooth; their colour, shape, and transparency will be made to match your other teeth and will completely hide a broken tooth, but will still be able to function like a regular tooth.

Bonding is sometimes a useful remedy and more cost-effective than veneers; instead of a shell covering the whole tooth, a natural colour composite material can be moulded effectively as a filling on minor repairs of the front teeth, like small chipped corners.

Crowns are the ideal solution for teeth that have been severely broken, decayed or have large fillings. Although the option for gold crowns is still available, fewer people choose it as people nowadays prefer a more natural-looking cover for broken teeth, thus the crowns are made from porcelain. Not only are they used to cap broken teeth, but they may also hold a cracked tooth together, hide dark fillings, or hold a bridge or denture in place. Each crown is custom made in a laboratory and a certain waiting period is required to get them.

Bridges may also be adopted to fix teeth as sometimes the tooth does not only break, but is completely removed from its place in the jaw and root. In this case, a dental implant is surgically fitted inside the jawbone to help keep the bridge supported. This implant can support one or more fixed false teeth or bridges, which are convincing replicas of your natural teeth improving the overall aesthetic appeal of your smile.

Maintaining a healthy image is not the only important reason to fix a broken or missing tooth, replacing teeth can avoid any other knock-on effects of having a gap, like the movement of your remaining teeth, the breaking down of the bone in your jaw, and avoiding an unwanted change in your bite. Consult with your dentist in Middlesex for the best solution to target a missing or broken tooth.



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