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Comprehensive care for reliable results with a Stanmore orthodontist

When it comes to straightening out crooked teeth, there are many dentists out there who can offer you treatment. However not every dental practice can provide the skills of an orthodontist. Stanmore is home to Centre of Dental Excellence, our modern and friendly practice where orthodontist Neil Patel can resolve dental misalignments from the simple to the complicated.

The difference between a regular dentist and an orthodontist is the extent of training they have undertaken. Our Stanmore orthodontist, Neil Patel, has spent years of additional training focusing solely on how to effectively and reliably straighten out crooked, crowded or spaced out teeth, as well as bites that don’t line up. This gives him the expertise to address even the most severe cases. So however misaligned your teeth are, you can rest assured that Neil Patel will be on hand to help.

Getting to know Neil

Neil underwent his orthodontic training at the Eastman Dental Hospital in London, one of UK’s largest dental care providers with a prestigious reputation spanning over 60 years. Neil keeps his skills up to date and remains actively involved in dental research. His academic knowledge is complemented by his clinical skills, including years of experience fitting ceramic, self-ligating and clear braces.

Why get your teeth straightened?

There are obvious cosmetic benefits to straighter teeth, which can leave you feeling more confident. However the benefits go beyond aesthetics. Your dental health will also see improvement, as straighter teeth are easier to keep clean.

The treatment journey with our Stanmore orthodontist

When you come to see us, you will undergo a thorough oral examination, including taking impressions, photos and x-rays, so that we can determine the most appropriate treatment for your particular case. We offer both fixed and removable appliances, depending on the severity of your misalignment. During your treatment we will keep a close eye on how your teeth are progressing, as well as how you are adjusting to life with braces.

On completion of your treatment, our care continues with regular dental check-ups, so that you can enjoy your newly straightened teeth for years to come. Treatment with our Stanmore orthodontist is a long-term investment in the aesthetics and health of your teeth.



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