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Help is at hand from the orthodontist in Stanmore

You only get one set of teeth, after those baby teeth come out. Your adult teeth need to last you a lifetime of hard work, biting and chewing, talking and looking great. Before you invest in a new car, or regular monthly hair colouring, think about your teeth. Are they lined up well enough to work together as a team? Or do you need to see the orthodontist in Stanmore here at Centre of Dental Excellence?

It’s a rare person in the UK whose adult teeth come through perfectly lined up. Most of us have one or two slightly wonky ones. Some of us have really quite serious alignment issues and some of us have problems with the way our jaws line up, so that they don’t bite together properly.

All of these issues can result in your teeth not lasting as long as they should. This may be because they are harder to keep clean, what with the way they are wonky providing hiding places in which dental plaque can build up and lead to decay and gum disease, both of which lead to tooth loss. Or, if the teeth are not working together well as a team for biting and chewing, only a few teeth will be bearing the strain of all that hard work and they can crumble away in later life.

Either way, if you don’t invest now in seeing the orthodontist in Stanmore to get your teeth straightened, you will be far more likely to find yourself having to invest later on in seeing a dentist to get dentures, bridges or dental implants to replace lost teeth.

Meet Dr Neil Patel

Neil is our specialist orthodontist in Stanmore. He completed 5 years of study to become a general dentist and then did further postgraduate training to become an orthodontist. Neil works with us to give you great teeth and he also works as a postgraduate tutor at Eastman Dental Hospital, where he won the award for best orthodontics research dissertation when he was doing his orthodontics training.

Why not book a consultation with Neil, for you or your child, to find how we can help you get great teeth to last a lifetime?



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