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Sinus Lift Stanmore

A sinus lift (sinus augmentation) is surgery that adds bone to your upper jaw in the area of your molars and premolars. If you've lost bone in that area due to reasons such as periodontal disease or tooth loss, you may be left without enough bone to place implants.

Sinus lift surgery can help correct this problem by raising the sinus floor and developing bone for the placement of dental implants. A CT scan is usually required in the planning stages of the surgery.

The bone is added between your jaw and the maxillary sinuses. Undergoing sinus lift surgery has been shown to greatly increase your chances for successful implants that can last for years to come.

The procedure can be carried out in most cases under local anaesthsia. Alternatively oral or intravenous sedation may also be considered if you are anxious about this procedure. The periodontist in our practice can explain your options for graft materials, which can regenerate the lost bone and tissue.

In the upper jaw, near the premolars and molar teeth, the sinuses may enlarge and reduce the amount of bone available to place implants.

Sinus augmentation procedures are done either

  • as a stand alone procedure when there is less than 4mm bone height, to increase the bone available. The site needs to heal for a period of 9 months before an implant can be placed. OR,

  • If there is >4mm bone available, sinus augmentation and implant placement can be done at the same time.

  • Case below is an example where the sinus has been augmented to increase the bone available prior to implant placement

Case showing sinus augmentation on an X-ray immediately after the procedure was done (left x-ray) compared to the situation before the procedure was done (right x-ray)





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