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What to expect on your first visit to the orthodontist in Stanmore

You have decided to straighten your teeth and now you are waiting for your first visit to the orthodontist. A visit to the orthodontist is different to a regular dental visit in many ways. Unlike general dentists who are more into prevention and cure of common oral diseases, an orthodontist will use specialised treatments to help you move your teeth into their correct position.

At The Centre Of Dental Excellence, we provide fast, discreet and comfortable teeth straightening treatments. Our orthodontist in Stanmore is here to answer all your questions and guide you through your treatment from the beginning to the end. Here are some things you should expect during your first orthodontic visit.

Why should I visit the orthodontist?

Visiting the orthodontist should be a conscious decision if you have crooked or crowded teeth. Misaligned teeth are responsible for many oral problems, including jawbone deterioration, tooth loss and gum disease. Our orthodontist in Stanmore will examine your mouth thoroughly and help you pick the best possible treatment. Whether you have lightly crooked or severely misaligned teeth, chances are that we have something for you. Orthodontics are also recommended for patients who have bite problems such as overbites, underbites and crossbites. A bad bite can put unnecessary pressure on your jawbone and create more serious problems in the long run.

Meet our orthodontist

At The Centre Of Dental Excellence, our orthodontist in Stanmore is Dr Neil Patel, a clinical postgraduate tutor at Eastman Dental Hospital. Dr Patel has been thoroughly trained in orthodontics and he is particularly interested in making his patients feel as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment. Whatever your problem with your misaligned teeth, Dr Patel is here to find the ideal solution for you.

What happens next?

If you decide to proceed with orthodontic treatment at our practice, that next step is to arrange further appointments. If you are not entirely sure about braces and you would like more time to think, we can arrange a review appointment with our orthodontist in Stanmore at some point in the future. Get in touch with our friendly team today.



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