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Top tips to keep your smile whiter and your mouth healthier

A healthy mouth and a whiter smile, who wouldn’t want that. There are many excellent forms of treatment that can help you to achieve this but alongside this, we need to get the basics right. The very minimum would include a good oral hygiene routine, brushing, flossing and rinsing while also making regular visits to our dentist in Middlesex.

Aesthetics shouldn’t be our only concern. Our daily habits can impact the condition of our mouth drastically so it’s important to address these. Fortunately, we have some really simple tips to help you keep these habits in check and promote a healthier mouth and a whiter smile!

Don’t stress

Okay, this first one may sound easier in principle but today stress is considered normal and unavoidable. But it can have an impact on our pearly whites. The result of our daily load may lead us to grind our teeth and clench our jaws, particularly when we are sleeping. This can lead to uneven wear of our teeth, jaw pain or other issues. Route out the cause of your stress for the sake of your teeth if nothing else and speak to your dentist in Middlesex to see if there’s anything they can do to help. They may be able to provide a treatment plan such as night time retainers.

Drink in moderation

Leading nicely on from stress, let’s discuss drinking or more importantly what and how much we drink. Wine has now been linked to a number of potential health benefits recently and while this may be true excessive amounts can have a severe impact on our teeth. How so? Wine can affect the acidity level in your mouth causing the breakdown of tooth enamel. And I’m sorry to say this isn’t just limited to reds, white wine has the same effect and, like red wine, can stain and discolour our teeth. All these point to a need to drink in moderation.

Actually think about how we are brushing our teeth

It doesn’t matter whether you are using the latest electric toothbrush or a bog-standard traditional one we need to give it our attention. I know, it’s really easy with sleepy eyes and before our coffee to be distracted but it’s important to do this right. We should if possible brush in front of the mirror so we can see exactly how much of our mouth we are getting to while brushing. Paying attention to each and every tooth. Using a 45-degree angle is recommended. Circular movements right up to the gum line will remove the pesky plaque that causes you and your dentist so much grief. Try to give the back teeth as much attention as the front.

Put down the fizzy drink

So it would be unreasonable to expect an all-out ban on sugary drinks but like wine, we should really be trying to keep sugary drinks to a minimum. Even the low-calorie versions of these drinks can promote acidity in our mouth and erode our tooth enamel. A process that eventually leads to cavities and sensitive teeth.

Remember to floss

Some people have called into question whether flossing has an effect on our oral health. It’s worth looking at it simply, brushing on its own removes food and plaque from our teeth, and it does this really really well, but you will always be able to remove more if you floss as well.



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