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Tooth restoration treatment that won’t let you down

In Stanmore, dental implants are giving back people’s confidence in their smiles. No fear of embarrassing slip ups while eating or laughing out loud. No worries about going to sleep, taking them out to put them in that glass of water on the bedside table. No more extra hassles of taking them out to brush and clean, making sure nothing is caught underneath. And definitely no more irritations if the fit is not quite right. Dental implants in Stanmore are the tooth restoration treatment that won’t let you down.

What is the procedure?

The whole process of dental implants may sound a little bit nerve-racking but here at the Centre of Dental Excellence, we can guarantee you that it is completed with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use only the latest materials and equipment. We can offer an IV sedative for more anxious patients if this is required and we will always take the time to explain everything in complete detail before any treatment is undertaken.

What are dental implants?

In Stanmore, dental implants are small screws that are inserted into the jawbone. This in itself may sound daunting but these screws are actually mimicking the roots of your real teeth. They are made out of titanium, a miraculous metal that fuses perfectly with our bone. Since the screw is now mimicking a ‘root’, this enables the jawbone to continue to stay healthy.

After a period of healing and fusing, the time length is dependent upon the health of your gums and jawbone, then you will get your replacement tooth or teeth fitted on top of the ‘root’. Once it is in place and over time, the bone surrounding it will gradually grow up and around the implant. There is no removing the implant once it is in place. If you look after your dental implants and teeth properly with brushing and flossing, your implants can last for decades.

Dental implants in Stanmore are something worth looking into if you want to invest in your future health, not just for aesthetic reasons only but for your overall wellbeing.


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