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Solve slipping dentures with dental implants in Stanmore

Whether you have one missing tooth or lots of them, dental implants in Stanmore can help you achieve a natural-looking and reliable smile restoration. Over the years, we have treated many patients with missing teeth. In most cases, the results have dramatically improved the lives of our patients at the Centre of Dental Excellence in Stanmore, particularly those with extensive tooth loss. We understand how it feels to face the prospect of missing teeth and the life drawbacks that come along with it. Let us help you smile again. If you are suffering from tooth loss, or you are a denture wearer who would like their dentures stabilised, we can help you. With the right care, time, and procedures you can have a beautiful smile again.

The problem of jawbone shrinkage

Unfortunately for denture wearers, the jawbone tends to shrink over time due to lack of use. This will lead to ill-fitting dentures. We have seen many patients with loose dentures. Sadly, having loose dentures means experiencing limitations with food, drinks, and many aspects of day-to-day life. Speech will also often be affected. This will leave many patients feeling down. It can have a negative impact on social interactions and self-confidence.

Denture stabilisation

Luckily, if you are a denture wearer, there is now a procedure available to fix your dentures in place with the use of dental implants in Stanmore. This treatment is called denture stabilisation. It offers you secure teeth and permanent solution. Enjoy your favourite foods just as you once did with your natural teeth. Feel confident in your smile, safe in the knowledge that your teeth are staying just where you put them.

How does denture stabilisation work?

Firstly you will need minor surgery to fix implants in your jaw. Your dentures can be stabilised with as little as four dental implants in Stanmore. Once these implants are secure in your jawbone, after a period of time, you can fix your dentures onto the implants with special attachments. You can take still take your dentures out for cleaning, but once you have secured them in again, they will stay in place.

For more information on denture stabilisation or other dental implants in Stanmore, contact us today.


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