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How you can turn back time with Botox

The days and years seem to fly by in our busy lives. Over time, stress, pollution, diet choices and natural ageing spell trouble for our skin. Before you know it, you can feel like you have more wrinkles than a pug dog. Luckily, along with the fast pace of today’s lifestyle come advances in technology that can help us to keep our skin looking youthful. Here at the Centre of Dental Excellence in Stanmore, Botox is something we know a thing or two about. Particularly, where to put it and how we can help you look fresh again.

We take Botox seriously

Joking aside, Botox isn’t something to take lightly. If this is a procedure you are considering, you must make sure you are visiting a fully trained cosmetic doctor. We have highly trained cosmetic doctors with medical backgrounds ready to administer Botox in Stanmore for you. We will always provide a personalised treatment plan specifically addressing your individual concerns. Our products are of the highest quality and we will always aim to achieve natural-looking, subtle improvements.

Botox for more than just wrinkles

Did you know that Botox in Stanmore can help other problems too?

Botox can:

  • Reduce lines and wrinkles

  • Improve facial symmetry

  • Reduce muscle spasms

  • Reduce chronic headaches and migraines

How Botox works

Botulinum toxin, also known as Botox, works on the connection between your nerves and your muscle tissues. It blocks this connection, and the result is that your muscles are paralysed. This means that the any wrinkles caused by the movements of those muscles are reduced.

Botox does not have an instant effect; you will need to wait 2–4 days before the effects begin to appear, the maximum effect can take 7–10 days to be apparent. Your Botox will last for a long time, usually 3–4 months.

Botox works well if you have wrinkles already. Botox also works wonders for people who want to prevent wrinkles forming. If your face is less dynamic, wrinkles are less likely to form in the first place.

To find out how we can help and answer your questions about Botox in Stanmore visit us at the Centre of Dental Excellence.


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