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Hassle-free teeth straightening

Most of us are so busy running around trying to get everything done that we just don’t have time for even more hassle. Think of wearing braces and we wouldn’t be surprised if all you can think of is the hassle getting your teeth straightened will entail. But, with Invisalign in Stanmore, the hassle of straightening is considerably reduced.

The hassle of personal questions

Adults just want to get on with things, undisturbed by stares and questions. So, if you’d like to get your teeth straightened, but you don’t want the hassle of having to repeatedly say, ‘Yes, I’m getting my teeth straightened. Fancy that! At my age even! Yes, you can do it at any age’ and so on, then you need Invisalign in Stanmore, from us at the Centre of Dental Excellence.

Invisalign straightening uses clear PBA-free plastic aligners that snap on over the teeth. The plastic is only 0.3mm thick, so when the aligners are in place, no one can see them. That’s one hassle dealt with.

The hassle of eating and cleaning

If you are already rushing around, maybe you’ve got kids or you are working several jobs, the last thing you want is to have to spend ages and ages twice a day, picking all the bits of food out from behind the brackets and wires of your braces. Who has the time to poke around with interdental brushes and develop clever flossing techniques to make sure all that food is gone so your teeth don’t decay behind your braces? Not many adults, that’s for sure.

In Stanmore, Invisalign clear aligners are removable. You take them out every time you want to eat and drink something other than plain water, and then you brush your teeth before you put them back on. Teeth cleaning is a whole lot quicker when you don’t have brackets and wires to contend with.

The hassle of dental visits

There are fewer of those with Invisalign because the straightening is progressed every time you put in a new aligner, about every 7-10 days. No having to go to the dentist to get the wires tightened.


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