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Finding an orthodontist in Stanmore

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

When you find yourself ready and willing for orthodontic treatment, you want to find yourself a good and honest orthodontist in Stanmore. You want someone who is going to tell you exactly what you need without embellishment and give you a clear picture of the road ahead.

Here at the Centre of Dental Excellence we pride ourselves in offering an orthodontist in Stanmore who can easily explain your dental situation, who is compassionate to any worries and concerns you may face, and who more often than not can provide a simple solution to your dental needs.

What is an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a dentist who, as well as completing their studies to be a general dentist, has dedicated a few extra years to focus entirely on the development of the teeth, jaws and face and the best ways to align them for function and aesthetics. When you come to see our orthodontist in Stanmore, Mr Neil Patel, he will initially assess the position of your teeth through impressions, x-rays, photographs and a general examination. He will then be able to discuss with you the various treatments that may be suitable to your requirements. Each case is unique so treatment time can vary.

What sort of braces will be used?

The sort of braces system that will be used for your specific case is entirely dependent upon your teeth. Whether your misalignment is severe or mild will only be made clear after the initial examination and which potential course of action will be taken from there. There are several types of braces which potentially could be used from invisible aligners to traditional metal braces. There may even be some mild cases under which you will have a choice of treatments, so the option of either cost effectiveness or the duration of treatment time may enter into how your final decision is made.

In all of this, our orthodontist in Stanmore, Mr Neil Patel, will always be available to answer any questions on the treatment of your choice or be able to reassure you about any fears and concerns you have arising from the potential work to be done.



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