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What are Fillers?

Fillers are substances which can be injected just under the skin to add volume to the soft tissue, with the intention of improving the contours to a more desirable aesthetic appearance. There are lots of types of fillers and we will select the safest and most appropriate type for your specific needs

Summary Of Your Treatment

Procedure Time

30 minutes estimated

Full Recovery

48 hours estimated

Back to Work

24 hours estimated

Sensitivity Period

24 hour estimated



Duration of Results

6-9 months estimated

side effects, Risks & complications
Best results

1 Treatment

Asymmetry, bruises, infections,

Why choose Centre Of Dental Excellence?

Your health is our priority. Our years of medical experience mean we are experienced in safely injecting Fillers and know exactly how to minimise any complications. We use only products of the highest quality and will guide you safely through every step of the procedure. Our extensive experience in anti-ageing medicine means we achieve natural, subtle improvements.

How are they used medically?

  • To correct static lines and wrinkles on the face

  • Adding volume to areas that have lost this as part of the ageing process, such as cheeks and nasolabial folds

  • To increase the volume of lips

  • To fill out indentations of old scars

The Science behind Fillers

During ageing of any normal adult there is loss of soft tissue fullness in the face. Soft tissue volume loss is shown as:

  • nasolabial folds (lines passing from your nose to the corners of your mouth)

  • marionette lines (lines passing down towards your chin from the corners of your mouth)

  • lip thinning and peri-oral wrinkling

  • cheek drooping

  • sagging below the eyes

  • loss of fullness in the temples

Fillers help to correct this volume loss restoring a youthful appearance and can be used to plump and boost lip volumes for a fuller more attractive appearance. Fillers are usually used in conjunction with Botulinum toxin (Botox): the botox is used to smooth out lines caused by movement and whereas fillers improve fixed deeper static wrinkles.

The fillers we use are made of Hyaluronic Acid, which is a natural component of normal skin. The major benefits of this type of filler is that it corrects volume but also maintains the hydration and suppleness of the skin. Importantly, Hyaluronic acid fillers are not permanent, lasting between 4-8 months.

Things to consider…

Our fillers do include Local Anaesthetic and we also apply a local anaesthetic (numbing) cream to reduce any pain and discomfort. As with all treatments, Fillers can have side effects, which include bruising, tenderness, redness and swelling. We will advise you on how to minimize the risks, but it is worth bearing this in mind when planning the right time to have your treatment.


Other very rare complications are :

  • allergic and granulomatous reactions

  • local infection or worsening of acne

  • reactivation of oral herpes (please tell us if you suffer from cold sores and we will advise you how to minimise the risk of a flare up)

Side effects cannot always be prevented but we are fully trained to recognise and treat any issues early and safely.

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What our Patients Say

"I would recommend this practice to friends or family. I was treated with dignity and respect by staff at the practice at all times. I was treated very well and the procedure to be carried was fully explained to me as was the cost. I would recommend this practice to everyone. Wonderful service and treatment."

- John Langton -

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