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Diet Analysis and Advice

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Everytime you eat or drink something containing sugar, your teeth soften for approximately 2 hours. The frequency and amount of sugary foods and acidic drinks should be reduced and restricted to mealtimes.

Top Tips

  • Don't snack in between meals.

  • If you have to snack the best foods are savoury such as: raw carrots, cucumber, celery and peppers, chunk of cheese, plain cheese biscuit such as oat cakes, bread sticks, rice cakes, plain crisps, crumpets, pitta bread.

  • Drink plain tap water or tea/coffee without sugar in between meals.

  • Don't eat sugary foods within an hour of bedtime.

  • Chewing sugar free gum after eating may help to increase the salivary flow which helps the teeth to repair themselves.

  • Check the packaging of foods and drinks you consume for sugar content (anything ending in –OSE e.g. sucrose/fructose) and hidden sugars. Tomatao ketchup, mayonnaise, crisps and baked beans are glucose, sucrose, fructose etc.

  • Fizzy drinks, fruit squashes (including those that say 'no added sugar'), fruit juice and smoothies will all cause decay and acid erosion.

  • Fresh fruit should be eaten at meal times ideally. Some fruits such as bananas cause a lot of decay and citrus fruits can cause decay and acid erosion of the teeth.

  • Avoid tablets high in sugars e.g. antacids, breath mints or cough lozenges. These can be particularly damaging

What we can offer

  • We recommend booking an appointment with our hygienist who can assess your diet and appropriate advice.

  • If required, special assessments like saliva tests and blood tests to detect systemic inflammation and its importance in maintaining general as well as periodontal (gum) health can also be discussed.

What our Patients Say

"I would recommend this practice to friends or family. I was treated with dignity and respect by staff at the practice at all times. I was treated very well and the procedure to be carried was fully explained to me as was the cost. I would recommend this practice to everyone. Wonderful service and treatment."

- John Langton -

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