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Dental Hygiene

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Why should I see a Hygienist?

Your hygienist is specially trained to prevent and treat gum disease and to help you maintain healthy bright teeth. They offer a professional hygiene treatment and provide advice on diet, preventing tooth decay and dental implant care. They can spot signs of dental disease and will always refer you to a dentist if they see anything that needs further treatment.

Regular visits to a hygienist combined with looking after your teeth and gums at home will greatly improve the appearance of your teeth and oral health.

Comprehensive Oral Health Treatment

• Oral cancer screening and oral health assessment

• Detailed professional removal of deposits from your teeth and polishing

• Oral hygiene advice

• Diet advice

• Air Polishing

Advanced Oral Health Treatment

• Oral cancer screening and comprehensive oral health assessment

• Detailed professional removal of deposits above and below the gums (using local anaesthesia if necessary)

• Oral hygiene advice

• Preventative and Diet advice

• Stain removal (including tea, coffee, wine and nicotine stains)

• Tongue hygiene for fresh breath

• Air Polishing

Fluoride Treatment

• Application of fluoride varnish to prevent tooth decay and/or sensitivityFissure Sealants

• Protective coating that is applied to the fissures or biting surface of susceptible permanent teeth at risk of tooth decay

Children’s Hygiene Treatments (under the age of 12)

• Professional removal of deposits from your teeth and polishing

• Oral hygiene advice

• Diet Advice

Healthy Teeth and Gums


Air Polish brightening is the ideal way to remove stains and discolouration which can be caused by drinking red wine, tea and coffee and also smoking. This innovative technique will thoroughly remove plaque and restore your smile’s natural brightness.

The Air Polish method uses a machine to clean and polish teeth with a combination of water, compressed air and fine powder particles. It is superior to traditional scale and polish treatments at removing the damaging biofilm that develops when dental plaque is colonised by bacteria whilst leaving the surface of your teeth intact. This is because the innovative spray technology can access all those hard to reach areas that traditional scaling cannot.

Implant Maintenance Implant retained crowns and bridges need cleaning in just the same way as conventional tooth-supported crowns and bridges. Although implants are immune to decay, plaque accumulation around the implant as it emerges through the surrounding gum will still cause inflammation, and might cause loss of bony support or 'peri-implantitis'.

Implant crowns and bridges replace missing gum and bone tissue as well as teeth, and extend well under the gums making access even trickier. It can be impossible to clean effectively with an ordinary toothbrush alone. The use of accessory aids to cleaning such as small 'interdental' brushes and 'superfloss' on a daily basis is mandatory.

Seeing a hygienist on a regular and frequent basis, every 3 monthly, is essential for the longevity of your implants.

Periodontal (Gum Health) Maintenance Having healthy teeth also means having healthy gums. If there's something troubling you with your gums, such as bleeding, swelling or general sensitivity, it might be a sign of gum disease. It's essential that you get any problems with your gums seen to, as if left untreated it can result in the loss of your teeth. Other symptoms might include bad breath, or the feeling that your teeth have moved.

With our Bespoke Periodontal service, our Periodontists (Gum specialists) and advanced skilled hygienists will work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan, built around your individual requirements to get you back on track to good oral health.

It's important for the ultimate success of any treatment we provide that the severity and extent of the disease is established and treated before it is too late to save any teeth. A customised programme to control and maintain your gum disease will be formulated by our specialists and hygienists.
This service also includes using Air polish in the ‘deep pockets’ as well as stain removal.

TOOTH-GUM BRUSH Brush your teeth twice a day using fluoride tooth paste
Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle and move it in gentle circular motions for manual toothbrush. An electric toothbrush needs to be held at 45 degrees and glided across each tooth.

BRUSH BETWEEN THE TEETH Use dental floss and/or interdental brushes on a twice-daily basis to remove food particles, bacteria and plaque.
Bacteria form within 24 hours on teeth and therefore disrupt their formation twice daily.

STOP SMOKING Smoking has adverse effects on your general health as well as your gums.

Vaping is equally harmful to your gums if it contains nicotine.

DRINK WISELY Drink water or milk when you are thirsty.

Drinks such as herbal teas, fizzy pops, sugar free squashes are acidic and can erode your teeth over time.
EAT SMART Snacking between meals should be restricted to neutral dietary products like cheese or nuts. Avoid snacking on crisps, sweets, chocolates, candy or snacks rich in carbohydrates. Some fruits are highly acidic and should be avoided between meals.


Dental hygienists are an important part of the team and are mainly concerned with preventative dental health and treating gum disease – educating and motivating you to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Hygienists also give advice about diet and preventing tooth decay. The hygienist will work in collaboration with our specialists to give you care that is tailored to your needs.

Regular professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar, combined with looking after your teeth and gums properly at home, will help keep your mouth healthy. A clean and healthy mouth will improve your appearance, help you to keep your teeth and give you fresh breath.

Direct Access

Now you can see the hygienist for a professional cleaning without seeing a dentist first. The hygienist will assess, give oral hygiene and diet advice and carry out treatment as necessary. However if they feel that there is a diagnosis or treatment that is outside their scope of practice they will refer (with your consent) to one of our dentists.

Our team of hygienists are happy to take referrals from general dental practitioners and/or are able to accept self referrals from patients directly.

Treatments Provided

  • Oral Hygiene Instruction

  • Dietary analysis and advice

  • Smoking cessation

  • Management of Periodontal disease

  • Maintenance of Periodontal Health

  • Maintenance of Implant Health

  • Children's Dental Hygiene

  • Oral hygiene advice and maintenance for those undergoing orthodontic treatment

What our Patients Say

"I had an appointment with the hygienist Rumana..I was immediately put at ease by her manner and professionalism. I received a thorough clean and advice on aftercare. Would Highly Recommend."

- Mr. Ian Batten -

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