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We are a state of the art dental practice that is committed to providing excellence in the fields of dentistry and facial aesthetics.


Dental implants are simple, secure and permanent solutions to replace missing teeth. They substitute for the lost teeth by replacing the natural roots. Indistinguishable from natural teeth, they provide reliable alternatives to uncomfortable dentures or bridgework, or a single implant can simply replace a single missing tooth.


The implant treatments must be done correctly and with extreme care. At Centre Of Dental Excellence, dental implants are undertaken by our highly qualified specialists, using the latest materials and equipment and supported by our committed and experienced staff. We incorporate advanced 3D imaging and computer guided planning and implant surgery.​

Procedures We Offer

Single missing tooth:

  • Immediate implant placement

  • Early implant placement 

  • Delayed implant placement 

Multiple missing teeth:

  • Replacement of multiple missing teeth using an implant bridge

All missing teeth:

  • Full arch implant reconstruction

Denture stabilisation:

  • Implants to support and retain removable dentures

Bone and Soft Tissue Grafting:

  • Pre implant bone grafting

  • Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)

  • Implant soft tissue grafting 

  • Sinus lifts

  • Ridge preservation

  • Block grafts 

Management of failing implants:

  • Peri-Mucositis

  • Peri-Implantitis

A single completed implant includes all of the surgery, materials, time, x-rays and an initial follow up appointment. This cost does not include the removal of any teeth required for your treatment, any bone augmentation which is sometimes necessary, or a temporary tooth to fill a gap (not required for a tooth at the back of the mouth). We will of course inform you at your assessment of all the costs associated with your proposed treatment and this will also be detailed in your comprehensive written treatment plan.

When calculating the price for more complex cases with several implants, we do not simply multiply the number of implants by £2,500 as there may be a cost saving for you. Where you have multiple adjacent missing teeth present they can often be replaced with fewer implants and a fixed bridge, because you do not have to have one implant per tooth - the cost of your treatment can be reduced.

More complex cases often require very detailed planning with special models, stents, guides and computer guided surgery. This can result in some additional costs necessary to plan the initial surgical phases. Every patient is provided with a comprehensive written treatment plan with the costs of all of your implant treatment clearly laid out

Highest Quality Implants

At Centre Of Dental Excellence, we use a number of different implant systems, as each system has its advantages and there are specific indications for which each one is ideal. This enables us to choose the best implant for each individual case.

There are cheaper systems available in the market but they do not have the research, quality, backup and reliability that we require. We are also aware of clinics in the UK using copy implants. Just like any other fake goods they rarely live up to expectations and we will NEVER risk our patients' care, security and the longevity of their results with fake implant components.

Specialist Implant Laboratory

At Centre Of Dental Excellence we use highly skilled and specialist laboratories to create the crowns for our patients.

We believe in having a really close bond between surgeons, patients and our skilled technicians. This intimate relationship results in precision work of exceptional quality. The laboratory use the finest materials available, along some very sophisticated equipment, (like our state-of-the-art 3D scanner), to create implant crowns tailor-made for each individual patient. The perfect colour matching of the finished crown to the patient's own teeth is only achieved through craftsmanship and a passion for detail.

In the more complex cases, we are happy to use specialised laboratories in Europe, which are known to achieve beautiful end results.

We believe there may be cheaper laboratories and materials available within the market, but we would not compromise on the implants, products and the technicians we use, as we aim to provide the highest standards of care for our patients

0% Finance Option Available

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Losing a tooth can be devastating. You can feel self-conscious and suffer a lack of self-esteem. Did you know that your tooth could be replaced quickly and easily with a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that integrates perfectly into your gum tissue, just where the root of your tooth would sit.

Here's how it works:

  1. The screw will be surgically placed directly into your jaw by your dentist. Its shape and material are optimal for close contact and ultimately fusion with bone, providing maximum stability later on.

  2. Depending on the condition of your mouth and jawbone, the implant 'abutment' (the crown or bridge that fits onto the screw) may be added immediately after the screw is inserted, or sometimes it may be added at a later date. It will blend in perfectly with your natural teeth in colour and shape.

  3. Either way, there will be some healing time. The screw will slowly mesh with the bone, becoming a natural component of your jaw.

Your implant will look and feel exactly like a normal tooth: no one will ever know, and even you might forget!

You will still be able to bite and chew normally, and the bone in your jaw will remain intact over time.

How implants are inserted:

Option 1 

Immediate insertion is when the dental implant is placed at the same time that the tooth or teeth are removed. The advantages of this approach are a reduction in treatment time and bone preservation. Whether or not this is possible will depend on the condition of your bone at the time of extraction. If infection is present it may be necessary to defer implant placement for two to three months while new healthy bone reforms in the area.


Option 2

Early placement is where the implant is placed 6-8 weeks after the tooth extraction. This is a preferred option in cases where there was infection present at the time of tooth extraction or a lack of bone, as determined from examination of the extraction socket or cone beam CT scans.


Option 3

Delayed dental implant placement is insertion of the implant into a region of the mouth where the tooth or teeth have previously been removed or have been missing for some time. This process may require additional bone grafting either before or during the implant surgery. 


Option 1 and 2 are preferred routes in cases where a tooth extraction is planned and helps maintain as much bone as possible.


Implant treatment may entail a combination of the above insertion types and the time required to place them will depend on the number of implants being inserted and their position in the mouth. Every effort will be made to keep the time to a minimum whilst not jeopardising the final result.

Life Benefits

  • A beautiful, natural smile that is all your own.

  • The reassuring knowledge that your implant will last you a lifetime if properly cared for.

  • Full function restored, which means freedom for you.

  • Bone density will be maintained and so will the integral structure of your face.

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What our Patients Say

"I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr K Gadhia for the excellent professional service that I received when I had my tooth implant fitted. He explained the whole procedure and put me at ease, with his kindness, outstanding professionalism and calming affect, I would highly recommend him to all of my friends and family."

- Mrs Newington -

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