Dental implants for replacement teeth that last a lifetime

Missing teeth might have you ducking away from the camera while everyone else says ‘cheese’ but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve experienced tooth loss you’ll know just how much of an impact it can have on your life. You may find it harder to chew your food, your speech may be affected and your dental health is sure to have taken a hit. At our practice in Stanmore, Centre of Dental Excellence, we have a modern, clinically proven solution that beats traditional dentures and bridges: dental implants.

Dental Implants in StanmoreA holistic solution

Dentures and bridges only solve half of the problem when it comes to tooth loss, specifically the half that sits above your gum line, the crown. Tooth loss however affects what is going on below your gum line too. The loss of the tooth root means that even when you wear your dentures or bridge, the vibrations from your teeth clashing together day in day out are not carried down into your jaw. This tells your jaw that it isn’t needed and so it begins to deteriorate, causing teeth neighbouring the gap to tilt and topple.

Dental implants in Stanmore mimic natural tooth roots. These small titanium screws are placed directly into the jawbone, where they encourage new bone to grow around them. This protects the jawbone from deteriorating and provides a secure foundation for replacement teeth to be attached on top. You can therefore tuck into whatever food you fancy without worrying about your replacement teeth shifting about.

How versatile are dental implants?

The short answer is ‘very’. A single dental implant can support multiple replacement teeth. This makes them ideal for replacing a single tooth, multiple teeth or even a whole jaw of teeth. At our practice in Stanmore, dental implants can also be paired with dentures for patients who are more comfortable with the idea of using dentures. This procedure, called denture stabilisation, uses dental implants to hold dentures more securely in place.

So if you have experienced tooth loss and want a permanent solution with dental implants in Stanmore, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll start you on your journey to a healthier smile.

The brilliance of Botox for beautiful faces

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging, a sign that you’ve seen your fair share of summers and have experience on your side. But sometimes the mismatch between the youthfulness you feel on the inside and the wrinkles on the outside can leave you feeling less than confident. That’s where we can help at our dental practice, Centre of Dental Excellence in Stanmore. Botox is a cosmetic procedure we provide to give our patients a younger, fresher appearance that still looks natural.

Botox in StanmoreBotox is the brand name for a drug made from botulinum toxin type A. Used in small doses Botox can smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. It works by targeting the nerves that tell certain facial muscles to contract, specifically the muscles that are responsible for your wrinkles. By stopping the signals that get sent down these nerves, Botox in Stanmore causes the muscles to relax and the wrinkles to fade.

Botox is injected under the skin of the face using very fine needles. Discomfort is minimal, which means pain relief is usually not necessary. The entire procedure only takes 5–10 minutes, with the effects gradually materialising over the course of about a week. This means not only are the final results natural in appearance but they also come about subtly. Botox in Stanmore in the hands of our highly trained practitioners offers patients a non-surgical means to achieve a younger look.

Botox is not a permanent treatment. This means you can give it a go and if it isn’t for you, simply wait out the effects. On the other hand, if the results of Botox in Stanmore are just what you’re looking for, then all you need to do is book in for some top-up treatment with us to keep that new look. Botox lasts on average about three months before the effects begin to fade.

Why choose us?

We take a personalised approach to all of our treatments, customising every aspect of your treatment plan to your particular needs and expectations. We understand that seeking treatment to refresh your facial appearance is a very personal matter, so we will always make time to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Use our skills

You only get one set of adult teeth and nature designed them to last a lifetime. Often though, they don’t and one thing that can reduce their chances of lasting you a lifetime is if they are badly aligned.

Misaligned teeth tend not to last as long as straight ones. They are more prone to decay and gum disease, owing to being that much harder to reach with your toothbrush. Our orthodontist in Stanmore loves nothing more than extending the lifetime of your teeth by getting them to line up properly. Sometimes, this means having to do some work on your jaw as well as your teeth. This is why an orthodontist in Stanmore goes through a lot of extra studying and training before they are allowed by the General Dental Council, UK dentistry’s governing body, to call themselves an orthodontist.

Orthodontist in StanmoreOur orthodontist in Stanmore at the Centre of Dental Excellence is Neil Patel. He will be able to guide you to the right straightening and realignment treatments for you as an adult. He can also take care of any children you might have.

Jaws and teeth

There are two categories of misalignment – those that affect the teeth and those that affect the jaw. Teeth can be realigned at any time during your life. During the process, the jawbone responds to pressure within the tooth socket by removing bone material on one side of the pressure whilst simultaneously building it back up on the other to keep things stable. Realigning the jaws or widening a narrow arch need to be done before the age of 18 as, after that, the jawbone loses its plasticity and cannot be manipulated.

Bring your kids in

Not so long ago, the average age for braces treatment from the orthodontist in Stanmore was about 12. These days, we think it’s a good idea to guide the teeth into place as they erupt rather than rearranging them once they are already in place. This means treatment with the orthodontist can start from around the age of nine, and appointments to diagnose potential problems can start from around the age of seven.

Secret straightening with Invisalign in Stanmore

Getting your teeth aligned has changed so much in the last couple of decades. It is now much more comfortable and faster than it was in the past. Braces have evolved. There is now a whole new type of braces, known as clear aligners, which work differently from the bracket-and-wire kind that most of us still associate with teeth straightening.

In Stanmore, Invisalign, the original brand of clear aligners, is available from the Centre of Dental Excellence. Invisalign first came on the market back in 1997 and, since then, the company has expanded its range to produce aligners for teens and for people who only need minor adjustments to their teeth. The principal is the same for all of the types that they offer though. Let’s take a look at how Invisalign works.

Invisalign in StanmoreWe examine your teeth

We use a digital scanner to take detailed measurements of your teeth. These are transformed into a 3D picture on a nearby screen. We use this to show you how your teeth will move into a beautifully aligned smile. The information goes off to the Invisalign lab, where a series of aligners, each with built-in pressure points, is 3D-printed.

You wear the aligners

Depending on what Invisalign treatment you are using, you will wear each aligner in your series for 1-2 weeks. Teens get blue dots on theirs which fade as the time to swap them out approaches. Each aligner moves your teeth a tiny step towards alignment. The average treatment time with Invisalign is a year.

Eating and drinking

You take your aligners out to eat and drink anything except plain water. This means you have great freedom of choice for meals, but also that you must brush your teeth carefully after each meal. You need to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours a day or the alignment process in your jawbone has to start all over again. If this happens, it can greatly extend your treatment time.


Your clear aligners are only 0.3mm and made of transparent plastic so only the keenest observer will notice you are wearing Invisalign in Stanmore.

Tooth restoration treatment that won’t let you down

In Stanmore, dental implants are giving back people’s confidence in their smiles. No fear of embarrassing slip ups while eating or laughing out loud. No worries about going to sleep, taking them out to put them in that glass of water on the bedside table. No more extra hassles of taking them out to brush and clean, making sure nothing is caught underneath. And definitely no more irritations if the fit is not quite right. Dental implants in Stanmore are the tooth restoration treatment that won’t let you down.

Dental Implants in StanmoreWhat is the procedure?

The whole process of dental implants may sound a little bit nerve-racking but here at the Centre of Dental Excellence, we can guarantee you that it is completed with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use only the latest materials and equipment. We can offer an IV sedative for more anxious patients if this is required and we will always take the time to explain everything in complete detail before any treatment is undertaken.

What are dental implants?

In Stanmore, dental implants are small screws that are inserted into the jawbone. This in itself may sound daunting but these screws are actually mimicking the roots of your real teeth. They are made out of titanium, a miraculous metal that fuses perfectly with our bone. Since the screw is now mimicking a ‘root’, this enables the jawbone to continue to stay healthy.

After a period of healing and fusing, the time length is dependent upon the health of your gums and jawbone, then you will get your replacement tooth or teeth fitted on top of the ‘root’. Once it is in place and over time, the bone surrounding it will gradually grow up and around the implant. There is no removing the implant once it is in place. If you look after your dental implants and teeth properly with brushing and flossing, your implants can last for decades.

Dental implants in Stanmore are something worth looking into if you want to invest in your future health, not just for aesthetic reasons only but for your overall wellbeing.

Taking a firm line of action

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and feeling like the years have crept up on you? Do you feel annoyed and frustrated every time you look at those pesky expression lines around the eyes, neck and forehead, knowing they make you look older than you actually feel? Do you just want to restore that youthful feeling? Botox in Stanmore is a quick and convenient way for you to look and subsequently feel years younger.

Botox-StanmoreReceiving Botox in Stanmore

At the Centre of Dental Excellence, we can offer this simple treatment if any of the above questions apply to you. At our office in Stanmore, Botox is a fast solution to removing any unwanted lines. At our consultation with you, we can discuss in detail what happens during the procedure and then if you wish to continue, we can carry out this anti-ageing treatment during that same consultation. The treatment involves a quick injection in the areas requiring attention and there you have it, job done.

Wrinkles be gone

The way Botox works is by injecting a small amount of purified protein botulinum toxin type A into the area around frown lines and wrinkles. Over a few days, this relaxes the muscle contraction that is causing the wrinkles and the skin smooths out.

Benefits of Botox

In Stanmore, Botox is popular due to it being a non-invasive medical procedure. There is no preparation before the procedure and after it and you can continue to carry out normal activities. This is why it is one of the most popular and effective choices for an anti-ageing treatment.

How long does Botox last?

Another benefit of Botox in Stanmore is that it is not permanent. You can choose how often you use the anti-wrinkle injections. The effects usually last 3–4 months and then you can decide whether you want to repeat.

It can take up to 3–5 days for the effects of the Botox to start and it can even be up to two weeks before the entire effect of the treatment is noticeable. With this in mind, ensure you receive the anti-ageing treatment with enough time before any big events to make sure the full effect can be seen.

Finding an orthodontist in Stanmore

When you find yourself ready and willing for orthodontic treatment, you want to find yourself a good and honest orthodontist in Stanmore. You want someone who is going to tell you exactly what you need without embellishment and give you a clear picture of the road ahead.

Here at the Centre of Dental Excellence we pride ourselves in offering an orthodontist in Stanmore who can easily explain your dental situation, who is compassionate to any worries and concerns you may face, and who more often than not can provide a simple solution to your dental needs.

Orthodontist in StanmoreWhat is an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a dentist who, as well as completing their studies to be a general dentist, has dedicated a few extra years to focus entirely on the development of the teeth, jaws and face and the best ways to align them for function and aesthetics. When you come to see our orthodontist in Stanmore, Mr Neil Patel, he will initially assess the position of your teeth through impressions, x-rays, photographs and a general examination. He will then be able to discuss with you the various treatments that may be suitable to your requirements. Each case is unique so treatment time can vary.

What sort of braces will be used?

The sort of braces system that will be used for your specific case is entirely dependent upon your teeth. Whether your misalignment is severe or mild will only be made clear after the initial examination and which potential course of action will be taken from there. There are several types of braces which potentially could be used from invisible aligners to traditional metal braces. There may even be some mild cases under which you will have a choice of treatments, so the option of either cost effectiveness or the duration of treatment time may enter into how your final decision is made.

In all of this, our orthodontist in Stanmore, Mr Neil Patel, will always be available to answer any questions on the treatment of your choice or be able to reassure you about any fears and concerns you have arising from the potential work to be done.

How does Invisalign work?

Here at the Centre of Dental Excellence in Stanmore, Invisalign is a hot topic. It’s a solution to getting straighter teeth without needing to wear unsightly metal braces.

So, what is Invisalign exactly? Invisalign is an invisible, removable braces system made of clear plastic that fits over your teeth, aligning them discreetly. It is often favoured by adults whose professional careers make it difficult to wear traditional braces or by people who feel uncomfortable with the idea of wearing ‘train track’ braces.

We can help you achieve the smile you desire with Invisalign in Stanmore.

Invisalign in StanmoreHow do these plastic removable aligners move your teeth?

Anyone who has experienced wearing Invisalign can tell you, each new Invisalign aligner you pop in feels as though it doesn’t quite fit. It can feel bit too tight on some or all of the teeth. It can also be tricky to get on and off of your teeth. This is because the aligners have been made to the shape your teeth need to be at the end of the two weeks of wearing it, not the alignment you have now. It’s pressure from the apparently ill-fitting plastic trays over your teeth that straightens them, so understandably, each aligner starts out feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

The aligner journey

When we use Invisalign in Stanmore, we don’t use just one set of aligners. Invisalign works with a series of aligners worn one after another. When your Invisalign aligners are made, each one is totally individual, made to fit your teeth only. You swap out your Invisalign aligners every 7-10 days for a new set. Each time your teeth are moved by one set of aligners, you have moved one step closer to your straighter teeth.

Intelligent alignment

As we mentioned earlier, your aligners will feel as though they don’t fit at the beginning. For each aligner tray, different teeth may need to be moved. It may just be a couple of teeth, or many, depending on what is called for at that stage of your treatment plan. Individual teeth are moved in a logical series, allowing for fast, efficient movement. Traditional braces on the other hand generally move teeth all at once, which can take longer.

Investing in your smile

Here at the Centre of Dental Excellence in Stanmore, dental implants are fitted by our highly trained dentists, with the latest innovative equipment and materials.

Some dental practices will refer you to another dentist for aspects of the dental implant process. We have everything you need under one roof. From initial consultation, through to preparatory work, surgery and aftercare, we can take you through the journey from start to finish.

Dental Implants in StanmoreHigh quality materials

We believe in providing the best, not the cheapest, care that we can. While we do what we can to keep costs to a minimum for our patients who need dental implants in Stanmore, we know that it’s a false economy to compromise on quality. A well-made and well-fitted implant can last for decades with proper care. That kind of peace of mind is priceless.

We only use implants that come with a guarantee of this quality. We use brands that can show evidence of reliability and research into their effectiveness. You may see implants offered at a much cheaper price, but if you do, be wary – some practices use cheap copies, which have no guarantee of longevity.

Teeth that match

We know how important it is for our patients to have replacement teeth that blend in with their natural set. Our technicians hand-craft your new teeth with a high level of care and attention to detail, using modern equipment, such as our 3D scanner, to ensure pin-point accuracy.

In complex cases, we work with laboratories in Europe who have the skills and knowledge to provide the level of restoration we expect for our patients.

Again, you may be able to find cheaper options, but we don’t compromise on quality for cost. Your replacement tooth will be with you for many years, it’s an investment worth making.

Call in today

Our warm and friendly reception staff are waiting to welcome you if you want to find out more about dental implants in Stanmore. We can give you information, book you a consultation with our implant dentist, or you can just get a feel for the place and see if our modern and comfortable surgery is somewhere you could see yourself making the implant journey.

Making Botox in Stanmore easy

Here at the Centre of Dental Excellence in London, we don’t just create healthy, happy smiles, we also create youthful, vibrant faces to house those smiles.

In common with many modern dental practices, we offer cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatments, such as Botox in Stanmore. We know that having any cosmetic work done can make you feel vulnerable and be nerve-wracking, especially if it is your first foray into this world. That’s why we do everything we can to help you feel at ease.

Botox in StanmoreWe have the expertise

Our consultations are carried out by UK-trained cosmetic doctors. They have experience in plastic surgery and are medically trained to understand the subtle and complex anatomy of the face.

We listen to what you need

We know that each of our patients has individual wants and needs. Particularly in the case of cosmetic work, it’s vital for the clinician to hear what you want to achieve with the treatment. We spend time with you in the consultation finding out what effect you are looking for, so we can give you a personalised treatment plan to suit your particular requirements. Our consultations take into account factors such as age, gender and skin type, which can all affect the treatment.

We have the skill

In the case of Botox in Stanmore, subtlety is everything. You will no doubt have seen celebrities who have gone too far with the procedure, having it too often or too high a dose. As medically trained professionals, we know exactly how much of the solution to administer and where to inject it to produce the most natural-looking effect. Our treatments with Botox in Stanmore won’t leave you with a frozen face or the inability to show a range of expressions.

We have the quality

We only use products of the highest quality that are scientifically-proven to be safe and effective.

Find out more

Come into the practice today and talk to our friendly and welcoming reception staff about Botox in Stanmore. The fresh, modern and comfortable environment of our clinic will put you at ease, and you are also welcome to take a look around at our facilities and equipment.

For Botox in Stanmore you couldn’t be in safer hands.